Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Garden Green Bamboo and Wool Socks

These Bamboo and Wool Socks were inspired by my early summer herb garden. The color of thyme, oregano, mint, and the earthiness of the soil combine to remind me of the comming of summer and the greening of the garden. They are 1/2 bamboo and 1/2 wool and it was the first time I have worked in bamboo which is a beautiful fiber and it is said that they have antifungus properties so are especially good for socks. I plan to wear these socks with my clogs this winter as I putter about the house and yard. I washed them and they do well in cold water only. Warm water may shrink them. They were knit on size 7 double pointed needles with Bamboo Zania purchsed on ebay. I used the Boot Socks Free Pattern from Lionsbrand.com . They have a nice feeling like a soft cotten and although the fingerling weight is a trial if you knit one strand alone, I opted for the double strand on larger needles and it was quite successful. I still have 7 skeins of this and I am thinking to knit a summer weight shawl or sweater with it next.

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