Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hermes Inspired Purse

This a knock off Herme Bag I made in Nov 09 with shoulder straps. I used a vintage vogue pattern I bought on Ebay V7982 I was inspired by the Hermes.com website which had a papercut out of thier famous Kelly Bag, I saw a photo online of a John Paul Gaultier re-designed Kelly Bag with long shoulder straps and was inspired to try my hand at a similar design as I felt it would be extremely practical for me. It will hold my shawl/hat/gloves/,camera, files, wallet, notepad, makeup, comb, and phone easily! It is a dream to carry and very comfortable. I put feet on the bottom and reinforced the bag with a stiff plastic lining so it sits up straight when you place it on a table. I used a magnetic clasp and a buckle bought at buckleguy.com.  Since this is a prototype, I have more ideas on how to improve the design when I make it a second time around. The straps are reinforced with inner cording and the purse is lined in black satin.

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