Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Woods by the Sea" Long Sleeve Tee & Black Yoga/Travel Pant

This long sleeve t-shirt was made in Viscose Lycra so it is super light and dries superfast on the cloths line. It is perfect for travel and packs like a dream. I made it this summer from a Christine Jonson Pattern called Travel Trio One and this was the "Banded Neck Tee". I also bought the fabric for both the Tee and the Yoga Pant.from Christine Jonson on her website cjpatterns.com. The pant was a thicker and softer polyester type fabric but heavy and light all at the same time. Quick drying but durable for stretching and moving. I have made several of her patterns and they are easy, versatile, and intuitive to put together. The patterns are written for a serger but I just use a zigzag on an old Viking Sewing Machine and it works fine. The Travel Trio One Pattern also has a comfortable pant which is possible the most comfortable yoga type pant I have ever worn and with Christine's sizing system chart, you plug in your measurements, gauge the fabric stretch and voila you have the perfect fit. The pant also have a center leg seam which is very good looking. I have posted the picture of the outside of the pattern below. I have yet to make the jacket but it is on my list of to do's someday!

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