Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dyelot Stimulus Package Winterberry & Colinette Mohair Meditation Shawl

This was an extremely enjoyable project to knit because of the gorgeous textures and variations. It was knit over the latter part of the Summer of 2010 mostly on weekends while spending time on our boat "The Blue Pearl" in Gloucester Harbor.  I used Dyelot Stimulus Package Winterberry yarn purchased at Coveted Yarn in Gloucester Massachusetts. I used the free pattern that came with the yarn (also available at ) but boosted the width and length of the shawl by adding a skein of Heather Colored Collinette Mohair which is a beautiful yarn from Wales, UK. This was a very meditative and introspective project. Although a simple pattern, the interest of the yarn was striking to put together and easy to pick up and put down between swims and activites on the water. I knit part of it on a trip to The Isle of Shoals  in New Hampshire which is a lovely set of islands off the NH and Maine coast. The islands are wild and desolate. Every stitch has the awareness of mantra remembered and vibrated during knitting.  A very lovely shawl for early morning meditation. Very protective and warm. Inspiring :)
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