Saturday, October 9, 2010

Making a Rudraksha Mala - Bead Board, Tools, & Rudrakshas - Fall 2010

My dog Captain came by to say a mantra too!
This is on the floor of my meditation room ~~

I have been making malas for over 18 years and it is a wonderful meditative practice which lets me say one mantra at a time. I started doing this at a famous meditation ashram in NY. where I trained for several years. I sell these malas for those who are interested, on

This is an example of me making a sterling silver wrist mala with 5-6mm nepalese rudrakshas. I am using pearl accents. Each bead is meticulously matched and wired wrapped using the same tools I have used to make thousands of malas. Each bead have 2 Om Namah Shivayas said (internally) as the link on each side is made. This is done with a high degree of focus and awareness. A wonderful practice :)
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