Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pair of Rudraksha 109 Bead SS Neck Malas (Prayer Beads) with pearl accent

This pair of 109 Bead Sterling Silver wrapper Nepalese Rudraksha Prayer Beads were made this New Year's Day Weekend for a customer in Florida who bought them from me on . I made them as a custom order and it was a sweet job because they were made during a snowstorm here on Cape Ann with the wind whipping wildly around the house.  The time was perfect for the work because of the introspective energy of the weather. They were made with great attention and focus and were meticulously handpicked for matching size and color. Each wire wrap is uniform in size and shape and the links are perfectly matched. Both malas are accented with pearl. It is belived in India that saying your prayers and mantras on the Rudraksha Bead are influential and energetic spiritually. It is also believed that the Rudraksha Necklace is a powerful protector and aligns the subtle nadis and energy centers of the physical body. I have made these prayer beads for many years for spiritual seekers and yogis. It is always an honor and a great service to make a mala. Making these two neck malas this weekend was pure bliss!

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