Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cardigan Sweater Knitting Project - Audrey Cardigan

This is a Free pattern from called the Audrey Cardigan and Scarf. I have been knitting the back since Christmas in a Silk Wool Blend yarn I bought on ebay from Colourmart UK. It came on a spool and is a pleasant fallish rust color. I am in process and the project is very easy as there are no constant changes and it is knit on fairly largish needles size 7 and 8. It has been something I can just pick up and knit a few mindless stitches here and there and it is a good balance to other more stressful projects.  Apparently the spool was a left over from some industrial knitting for Burberry and it was said that there are oils in the yarn which when washed make the yarn bulk up a bit. I did a small practice swatch and it did in fact bulk up slightly and the color became a little lighten. The yarn as a rustic look and the silk makes the wool softer and finer.

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