Saturday, November 28, 2009

5mm Rudraksha Prayer Beads

I have been making these prayer beads since the mid-1980's. The are made out of Rudraksha Seeds which grown in India, Nepal, and Indonesia. These particular beads are from Nepal. They are considered sacred by the Yogis in India and other places and are greatly revered. many wear them to help align the subtle meditative energies of the body as they hold the "shakti" or energy of meditation and are therefore very purifying and healing. There is a pearl accent on these beads which is a little piece of the ocean so any prayers or mantras that are said on this mala or necklace are repeated by the oceanic vibration of the pearl. These are done in what is known as Indian Wrap on Sterling Silver. It is a method whereby each seed or bead is individually wrapped and chain linked in silver. In very old Scriptures called the Shiva Puranas which are thousands of years old and written in sanscrit mention the positive and constructive qualities of Rudraksha and it is said that one prayer or mantra said on a Rudraksha Bead is worth 10 million prayers said without it. I learned to make these beads in a meditation ashram I used to go to for many years and it was my selfless service. I still make them and sell them on I also repair most types of malas, prayer beads, and rosaries. I also make the Catholic Rosary, Buddhist Rosaries, Vedic Astrological 9 planet necklaces and bracelets. This is a picture of a Neck Mala worn around the neck but I also make wrist mala bracelets which are also very popular  and I sell the most of them on I have taught a few people to do this work and most notably my daughter Avery who has become a jeweler and jewelry artist. Sometimes she helps me with my prayer bead work now if I get a lot of orders.
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