Saturday, November 28, 2009

28 Bead Rudraksha Wrist Bracelet - Prayer Bead Mala

Rudraksha Wrist Mala
Prayer Bead Bracelet with Heart Clasp
This is an example of the most popular Rudraksha prayer beads I make and sell. I have been making these for about 20 years. They can be worn around the wrist but then taken off and they make a circle in which to say your mantras or prayers. The bead that hangs down is where you stop the prayers and remember your teacher. The bracelet become imbued with Auspicious Energy from your prayers and many yogis and other worldwide believe that the energy is protective and healing. I have sold these via to people in every country on every continent. I make them on silver or gold but I believe that silver is currently the most popular but in the 1990's I think gold was the 1st choice . I use a method called  "Indian Wrapped" and I match them with meticulous precision. I use the finest quality rudraksha beads available and highest attention to detail. Pearl accent and sterling silver heart toggle clasp. Repeating your prayer or mantra on the Rudraksha carries the vibrations of the devine. It calms the busy mind and by repeating your prayers in this way, you replace unncessary thoughts with the power of your prayer. This creats a strong inner prana that is beyond your body, your four senses, your psychic instruments, ego, and thoughts. The Rudraksha Bead is from a tree growing in Nepal, Tibet, India, Indonesia, Malasia, and Australia. The outside of the fruit is an iridescent blue. Spiritual Seekers, Richis, Yogis, and Everyday people have honored and worn the Rudraksha since time immemorial because of the special energies of this subtly vibrational bead. It is said that it strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, protects the wearer, attracts positive spiritual vibrations, and holds the energy of a mantra that is repeated upon this bead. The Matrika of spiritual energy of the prayer or mantra is infused into the subtle spiritual layers of a person who uses it. The Sterling Silver wraps around each sacred bead increase the vibrational energy and align the wearer on all levels, spiritual, mental, and physical.
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