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The Story of Making American Girl Doll Wardrobes for Very Special Girls in my Life, Madison and Alana - Given on Christmas 2012

Pattern I used for Doll Clothing

                I hadn't made any American Girl Doll Clothing since my daughter was young and I had the idea to make some for some very special children in my life, Madison Age 4 and Alana Age 1+. They are a little young for American Girl but they both received American Girl dolls already and I just had the idea to make the clothing to get used for when they are ready to play with them. I bought this pattern about a year ago and started making doubles of each piece of clothing for the two girls. I have to tell you that making the clothing small is almost as complicated as making larger child size pieces. It took me 6 months of on and off sewing to pull together the wardrobes for each girls doll. They were ready for Christmas 2012 so I decided they were nice enough to give as presents.  I also knit 2 little purple ponchos for each girl's doll too and they came out really cute.

Here is a photo of Madison with her
 American Girl Wardrobe at Christmas.
I had given her the American doll the previous year
 but she still wasn't playing with it yet but was dressing a smaller doll all the same.

I had found
a small wardrobe
in a used furniture store and put
a bar in it to hang the clothing.

I then bought doll hangers and some black Mary Jane Shoes on Ebay. I also bought some American Doll plastic purses, barettes, and combs at a place I visited in New Hampshire last Fall. I had some miniature books to add to the doll closet collection too! It was fun making and collecting everything I needed for the Wardrobe.

This is a photo of Madison last summer
with her brother JJ, Mom, Emily, and Dad Jim
on our boat in Gloucester
A Little Fleece Jacket

Dress I made for Madison to wear which matches the
American Girl Doll Dress below
This is the American Doll Dress I made Madison for her Doll. I had also previously made her a dress
like this in this same material for her to wear.
I wish I had a photo of them wearing the dresses together but I don't yet.

This is supposed to be a Bride Outfit

Interior of Painted Wardrobe
with Hangers and Doll Clothing

You can see the books, plastic purse with comb and shoes
This photo was taken while I wrapped them.

Knitted Purple Poncho
Hard to see but they came out really cute.
 I knit two of these for each girl's Doll

Little Jean Shorts

Bathing Suit with Wrap Skirt

Little Skirt, Blouse Hat and Shoes on Hanger

Some little Miniature Books I found, I sent them each
2 little books with the Clothing

This was the Box of Doll Clothing that was sent to Alana in Hawaii where she lives now.  Maybe when she gets a little older I will make her a Doll Closet of her own but for right now I found a pretty Box for the American Doll clothing to stay in till she is ready to play with it.
this is the box closed before I wrapped it
and sent it to Alana for Christmas 2012

Alana got to visit us in Oct for her Birthday. She flew all the way from Hawaii with her parents Haley and Brian. While they were here Alana even ate Lobster and had a 1st Birthday Cake. 
Alana playing with our kid's kitchen we have in our hall.
All the kids love it so much!

Pretty Alana 

Alana blowing out the only candle we had for her Cake! It was Chocolate!

It was so much fun and a real privilege to be able to make
American Doll Clothing for each of them. This is the story of how I did it and what it looked like when I did.

Love, Melissa

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