Friday, March 15, 2013

Appliqué Canvas Bag Project

What a day today making this Applique Canvas Bag! I had some leftover fused fabric from an Art Quilt Project so pulled together this Sunflower or Blackeyed Susan Flower still life as an inspiration for the bag. I had bought the bag during a recent quilting project with Eduquilters 

We were tasked with decorating them with any sort of quilting or ideas we could muster up. I originally bought one of the bags but didn't think I would have time to pull together the project but I was inspired when I saw some of the other women's projects and decided to give it a go and do a still life inspired theme of sunflower, daisies, or just plain fantasy flowers!!

I managed to decorate the flip side with a couple of floating flowers and my last name too!! WOW, I was on a roll wasn't I?

This is a detail. I ironed on Steam-A-Seam and cut out shapes for the design. It is a lot of fun to cut out shapes and design the idea. When the fabric has the steam-a-seam applied it makes it tacky so you can pick it up and move it around. When you get you design the way you like it, you iron it on. 

After I ironed on my design. I zigzagged around the edges in a free form way giving an added structure and design element to the piece. I really love the look of the batik fabric when doing this!!

This is the "other side" of the bag and I was happy I was able to put my name on the bag too. Just like  LLBean only better. This really makes your canvas bag completely original and beautiful. I am excited by doing this and I look forward to trying this project again with a a bag I make from scratch! There are so many ideas and motifs one could use. I am thinking Mermaids or Matisse, I don't know which but the possibilities are endless!

This is the Steam-A-Seam Product I used to make this Applique. It is a fantastic product as your fabric sticks while you are sewing it on afterwards. You can choose to do this without the sewing if you like as well and the look is great but I felt I wanted to strengthen the design with the zig zag sewing.

Happy Quilting! I love You ALL!!Melissa
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